My name is Wade Conway. I am 25 years old, have a BA in Journalism and live in Evansville, Indiana. I suffer from a rare physical disability called Arthrogryposis. When I turned 16, all I wanted was to drive. Now with the help of technological advancements for the disabled I can.

With that in mind, I sat out to prove a point with my xB. I was always told that if I did drive, I had to drive a clunky, un-cool minivan. I was determined to prove that people with disabilities do not have to fall into that category when getting a vehicle.

Most people around my area take a double take at my xB when I drive past. But when I get out of my car, they usually take a triple-take. You see, my Scion xB is no ordinary xB.  For when I get out of my xB I don’t just walk out, I ride out! With the help of a motorized hatch and ramp, my xB lowers its rear end and with a push-of-a-button the hatch opens and a ramp folds out. Now for most people this would be enough to make my xB one of the most unique out there. However, there is more. My xB happens to be equipped with an EMC Drive-by-Wire Joystick and GoldSeries Digipad. What does all this mean? This means that for acceleration, steering, and braking, my hands and feet do not even touch the pedals or steering wheel. With the joystick alone, I can push forward for accelerate, down for brake, left and right for steering.  With the GoldSeries I can adjust anything from heating and air to the turn signals right from a touchscreen. To transfer from my seat to my wheelchair, my driver’s seat backs up to two feet and spins 180 degrees to allow easy access to the ramp and chair. All of these modifications make my Scion xB literally one of a kind.